Gluten Free Chipotle Burgers With Sweet Potato Fries & Brie

I've discovered that all olive oil is not alike. Be sure to check for a production/expiration date on the bottle, and test it by swallowing a spoonful. If the olive oil leaves a bitter, almost gagging taste in the back of your throat...well, then it's the good stuff. Otherwise, it may not have the health benefits you might assume!


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Organic ground chuck (fatty)

Organic Angus ground sirloin (lean)

red onion

mushrooms (any type)

Spices (thyme, Sage, Himalayan Salt, Large Ground Pepper, Ground Chipotle Powder)

extra virgin olive oil

A Bag of Large Sweet Potatoes

Large Tomato

Fresh, Ripe Avacado

Ripe brie cheese

GF Mayonaise (Best Foods works well)



Mince the onion and mushrooms and place in a large bowl.


Take equal parts of the two types of ground beef and add those to the bowl.


Add your spices to the beef. I use lots of sage and lots of chipotle when I make these - a tablespoon per pound, less if you want less of a spicy "punch."


Knead the beef/spice/onion/mushroom mixture together until all of the ingredients are distributed evenly.


Form thick, round, plump burgers and make sure each burger has lots of the onion and mushroom chunks worked in. My burgers are usually 4-5 inches wide and 1.5 - 2 inches thick.


Preheat your grill (I use a gas grill, and I preheat it with the cover down, but you could cook these over charcoal too. I don't recommend grilling in the oven, but that's possible if you have a grill pan that drains will just need to increase the cooking time).


Cut your sweet potatoes lengthwise into eight sections - that is, just keep cutting the potato in half along its longest dimension until you have eight large "fries." Yes, these are plump, and that's okay. (Of course, if you have a really big sweet potato, you might want to cut them one more time...but my fries are usually an inch or more thick at the widest side...) Since sweet potatoes tend to be pretty stubborn, I always use a big and sharp chef's knife for this.


Rub all of the fries liberally with olive oil and salt.


Your grill should be ready for you now. Distribute the sweet potato fries across one side of the grill (cross-wise so they don't fall through!) and place your burgers on the other.


Depending on your grill temperature, you should be able to turn your burgers in roughly five minutes...less if it's really hot. I always drop the cover of my grill to accelerate cooking, so this is key. You can turn your sweet potato fries at the same time that you flip your burgers. Cook both for another five minutes or so. Fries should crispy and browned on both sides but soft in the middle, and the burgers should likewise be cooked all the way through.


Now pull your fries and burgers from the grill and serve them up with a couple of thick slices of brie on top. I usually serve with a side of sliced tomatoes, sliced avocado and a dollop of mayo. The seasoning makes this an unusual treat!


(As an additional option, you could also cook up some no-added-nitrites bacon and add that to the top of the finished burger...but of course that adds a gazillion calories to the mix. It's darn good though.)

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