Spicy & Sour Sausages Salad

NOTE: Taste should be sour, a little bit salty, and sweet and spicy. This is reason why I don't give exact amount of ingredients. B'coz amount of sausages and the like of taste would depend on each person
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Any kind of sausages or mixes of sausages




Lime (or Lemon) juice

Fish sauce

1 teaspoon Sugar (just a little bit)

1 teaspoon chili paste for tom yum (Nam Prik Pao)




This menu is very easy, I always cook it when I am lazy. So, it is no style of cutting, and amount of ingredient would depend on your taste. 1. Cut sausages into suitable pieces and cook for 1 or 2 minutes in boiled water 2. Take boiled sausages into the bowl 3. Chop chilli, slice onion and celery 4. Put chilli, fish sauce, lime/lemon juice, sugar, and chilli paste in the sausages bowl 5. Stir to mix all ingredients and sausages together 6. Put onion and celery into the bowl and stir to mix it up again 7. Ready for serving

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