Mutton Biriyani - Homemade Style

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Mutton – 2 kg

Onion,sliced – 1 ½ kg

Small onions, chopped – 100g

Tomato, sliced – 1 ½ Kg

Ginger & Garlic Paste – 50gms

Mint leaves – ½ bunch

Coriander leaves – ¼ bunch

Chilli powder – 15gms

Turmeric Powder – 5gms


Curd – 100ml

Garam Masala powder – 20gms

Coconut oil – 100ml

Ghee – 50ml

Refined oil – 100ml

Cinnamon – 2barks

Cardamom – 5nrs

Cloves – 5nrs

Star anise – 2 nrs

Jeera seeds – ¼ tsp

Saunf – ¼ tsp

Bay leaves – 2nrs

Mace – ¼ tsp

Kalpasi – ¼ tsp

Green chillies, slitted – 5 nrs

Basmathi Rice – 2Kg

Water as required 1 part of rice & 2 part of water is a ratio.



1.Heat sufficient oil & ghee in a heavy bottomed vessel, add whole garam masala and fry it. 2.Add small onions, sliced onions now and fry together. Add green chillies stir around. 3.Add masala powder one by one but add chilli powder as first, fry for sometime then add remaining masala powder (except garam masala powder). 4.Put ginger, garlic paste, stir well with masala. Keep the fire in simmer. Stir till the oil ooze out from masala also that gives thick red colour. 5.Add tomatoes, sauté till it mashed and bind well with mixture. Put mutton pieces, curd, coriander leaves and mint leaves. Sauté’ all for few seconds. 6.Add rinsed basmathi rice into the masala, stir along the masala for few seconds. Pour sufficient water to make the biriyani ready. Add salt at once the water starts roll boil. 7.Once the water evaporated, close the vessel with tightly fitting lid. Open the dum after 25 minutes, put home made garam masala powder and ghee on top. Mix all well now and serve hot with onion raita 8.Golden fried onion and cashewnuts as garnish on top

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