California Milk Punch

Recipe from Jerry Thomas' Bartender's Guide (1862) via Cocktail (Virgin) Slut


It didn't work out. The whole clarification process is not as straightforward as the 100 year old instructions make it seem. I think I'll have better luck inventing a time machine then going back in time and getting a job at a saloon...
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And? How was it?
Andrea Cutright   •  1 Sep   •  Report
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California Milk Punch (For Bottling)

Take the juice of four lemons.

The rind of two lemons.

1/2 lb of white sugar, dissolved in sufficient hot water.

1 pineapple, peeled, sliced and lbed.

6 cloves.

20 coriander seeds.

1 small stick of cinnamon.

1 pint of brandy.

1 pint of Jamaica rum.

1 gill of Batavia Arrack.

1 cup of strong green tea.

1 qtof boiling water.

1 qtof hot milk.



Put all the materials in a clean demijohn, the boiling water to be added last


Cork this down to prevent evaporation, and allow the ingredients to steep for at least six hours


Add the hot milk and the juice of two more lemons.


Mix, and filter through a jelly-bag.


When the punch has passed bright, put it away in tight-corked bottles.


This punch is intended to be iced for drinking.

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Jerry Thomas via Cocktail (Virgin) Slut

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