Re-Engineering Your Galley

By Lynn Gill & Dawn Null, Towboat Dietitian
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*Size Matters*

Use smaller plates, bowls, and cups

Drink caloric beverages such as sweet tea and regular soda from taller glasses

Drink water from wider glasses

*Internal vs. External Cues*

Give your healthy options a fancy name such as Fiery Cajun Catfish

Don't clear away the table until the crew are finished


Keep healthy snacks such as fruits within eye shot

Keep foods that are not healty such as snack cakes put away in cabinets so they won't be as tempting

Put serving dishes on island or counter as opposed to the table

Put healthy foods on the table

Wrap tempting leftovers in aluminum foil

Encourage snacking only in the galley and not in the wheelhouse, on the tow, or in front of the TV


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