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This is my partner (who is from india) chhole recipe (same thing as channa). He swears its very authentic. We cheat and just buy frozen bhaturas tho

Have added (notes) beside the hindi words for spices with what they would be called in an american store


Do not cut down the spices even though they look like a lot

White/kabuli channa - 500 gm (about 2.5 cups) (chickpeas)

2 tea bags

3 medium sliced onions (or 2ish large onions)

3 medium diced tomatoes (or 1 can diced)

1 tbs ginger garlic paste

3-4 green chillis (serrano chili peppers)

2 piece moti elaichi (black cardamon pod)

2 tbs dhania powder (coriander powder)

3 tbs black jeera powder (cumin powder)

1 tbs garam masala (indian spice blend, commonly available)

1 tbs jeera (cumin seeds)

1/2 tbs amchur powder (dried mango powder)

1 stick of dal chinni (cinnamon stick)

salt to taste

indian red chilli powder to taste.

2 TBSN oil.

green chillies

Cooking Instructions:

1. Pressure cook channa with water, salt, moti elaichi, jeera powder

and 2 tea bags. It will take about 10 whistles (if you didn't soak

them the night before) and let cook under pressure (do not release

steam). OR just use cans of already cooked chickpeas, combine with

other ingredients at end of 3rd step

3. Take a cooking pan. Heat 2 tbsn oil, add jeera,

dalchini and onions. fry it till onions get light brown and then add

ginger garlic paste, after 20 seconds put diced tomatoes. Cook them

till the oil separates.

4. Add dhania powder, garam masala, amchur powder, red chiili powder,

salt and channa with small amount of water. Cover them and cook it for

5- 10 minutes. And your punjabi chhole are ready.

5. Garnish with green chillies

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