Have You Ever Made Seitan?

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Funny, I just made seitan this weekend for the first time in ages (it was for the polenta-mushroom-seitan "lasagna" in the latest Gourmet Magazine, which was really, really good, BTW, though it calls for store-bought seitan and polenta logs).

There are a ton of seitan recipes out there, and that should tell you how flexible and error-proof it is. Seitan doesn't take flavor quite like tofu, but by throwing in obvious spices (curries, italian herbs) you can make it really work for a particular r

My recommendations:

1) Start w/ a simple recipe the first time. Don't use nutritional yeast, tomato paste, wacky-ass goddess dressing, tahini, etc until you at least know what the simple stuff tastes like.

2) If you're using canned broth for your boiling, throw in some stock vegetables or aromatics if you've got em around: garlic, ginger, sliced onion, cloves, allspice, carrots, celery, dry white wine, etc. Most canned/boxed veg stock is blah and you want t

3) I would never use an electric mixer on seitan -- if you over-knead it, it can get tough.

Here's my simplest recipe, culled and adapted from the internets:

1 c. wheat gluten

3/4 c. COLD water or broth

2 Tbs soy sauce/tamari

1 tsp ginger powder

1 tsp garlic powder or zested/microplaned garlic

(optional: mustard powder, paprika, cumin, lemon zest)

Mix dry. Mix wet separately. Mix wet into dry. Mix w/ wooden spoon, then with hands until well combined. Put lump onto counter. Knead 15-20 times. Let sit 5 minutes. Knead 5 more times. Tear ball into 3-4 smaller balls. Roll into logs. Flatten into "cutle

6 cups broth, preferably cold (definitely not hot)

1/4 cup soy sauce

(optional: half a small onion, sliced; a few chunks of ginger; roughly chopped garlic, 2 cloves, 2 whole allspice berries, 1 carrot chopped; 2-3 Tbs white wine)

Put cutlets in cold broth in large pot. Bring to boil. Keep partially covered. Reduce heat to simmer; simmer for 1 hour, flipping cutlets (they'll float) every once in a while. Take off heat. Preferably, let cutlets cool for 1/2 hour or so in broth. Slice

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