Pear & Cheese Turnovers

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In a medium-sized bowl, whisk together the dry ingredients, and place them in the freezer. Unwrap the frozen sticks of butter, and press the end of each stick into some of the "dusting" flour. This will help give you a grip on the butter while you're grat

Remove the dry ingredients from the freezer, and use your fingers to toss the cold flour and butter together until they're evenly mixed. Stir the sour cream and cold water together, and add this mixture to the flour and butter. Use a dough scraper or spat

Divide the dough in half. Place each half in the center of a piece of plastic wrap, and form each piece into a 6 x 6-inch square. Wrap the squares well, and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Remove one square of dough from the refrigerator and use the dusting flour to heavily flour both sides. Quickly roll the dough into a large (10 x 12-inch) rectangle. Working with opposite shorter sides (10-inch sides), fold the dough into thirds, like a l

Make the filling while the dough is chilling. Place the chopped pears into a small saucepan or microwave-safe bowl. Add the lemon juice and sugar, and cook over low heat, or in the microwave, for about 5 minutes, until the pears are tender. Set aside to c

Before removing the dough from the refrigerator, preheat your oven to 425°F. Have ready a sharp knife and ruler for cutting the pastry; the filling, and ungreased or parchment-lined baking sheets.

Remove one piece of dough from the refrigerator. (If it's been in the freezer, let it thaw, wrapped, till it's pliable.) Heavily flour both sides, and roll it into a 10 x 15-inch rectangle. Use flour to keep the dough from sticking to your work surface. T

Cut the dough into six 5-inch squares. Place 1 heaping tablespoon of pear in the center of the dough. Top with a few crumbles of Gorgonzola and pecans. Brush the edges of the pastry lightly with water. Fold one corner of the dough over the filling diagona

Place all of the turnovers onto the prepared baking sheets. Brush them with water, and sprinkle them with coarse sugar (demerara, coarse white sugar, or pearl sugar are all good. If you don't have any coarse sugar, use regular granulated sugar.) Bake the

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