I did make this Pot Roast. Tho I did tweak the recipe. I first marinated the chuck roast with I marinated this in Worcestershire Sauce first for about an hour. Then seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Instead of wine, I used Knorr's concentrated beef stock and one chicken bullion cube and one cup of water. After browning, I set the meat a side to put in my onion round slices let them cook a bit, just enough to release their flavor. Then added the beef concentrated stock, chicken bullion and one cup water. Hour later I added celery and carrots and let cook for another hour, then took lid off and let cook until I was sure carrots and meat were tender. By the time everything was done...I made some wonderful gravy from the sauce/drippings that were accumulated. Strained the juices and then made a slurrie with flour.. oh my goodness!!
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What I am cooking today. The Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast is how I usually make mine, except I will be adding celery too. Then Cat Cora's Mash taters are the way Richard loves them. Yummmm!!
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